How to Change the default view from Fluid to Classic on PT

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1) Change the Branding System Options:

Navigation:  Main Menu > PeopleTools > Portal > Branding > Branding System Options

Change the "Default Branding Theme" from DEFAULT_THEME_FLUID to DEFAULT_THEME_TANGERINE_ALT.

2) Update the default homepage from Fluid to Classic:

Navigation: Main Menu > PeopleTools > Personalization > Personalization Options>
Option Category LevelMô tả


Search for User Option Value of "HPPC" (PTHOMEPAGE) 

Click on "Set Option Default Value" link and Then Change the Value to Classic.

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Set Option Default Value

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CI Xóa Dữ liệu trong PS

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B1. Mở code VBA.

B2. Mở Module StagingAndSubmission è  WriteCollectionHeader function èSelect Case lScrollLevel

B3. èSelect Case lScrollLevel thay thế :
sXmlLine = sIndent & "<" & sXmlTag & ">"
sXmlLine = sIndent & "<" & sXmlTag & " CINodeAction=""DELETE"">"
tương ứng với level cần xóa dữ liệu

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